Bloomreach CMS 13: Bug behavior with tags in IMPORT/EXPORT.html

Hello everyone.

I’ve noticed that there is a bug in my import/export file transfer process.

I’ve created a list, where I can place anchor links. When it’s done, I place some anchors in my content sections. The aim is, to click on an item in the list and to scroll down to the anchor.
But when I want to import the HTML-file, because I want to use the page in another language, then there are some closing a-tags missing.

An the whole text on the page is marked as a link…

Does everyone know how to fix it?

Left: File that I’ve created first and exported HTML for a translation.
Right: The file that I’ve imported as HTML in a new language. But the closing a-tags are missing…

The anchor has been optimized because there is no body. So <a … > becomes <a … />.

It’s not clear to me what import/export process you are using, so I don’t know what is doing the conversion.

If you’re whole page is a link, then there is an unclosed tag somewhere. I can’t tell from screen shots.