Deploying 15.1 on Wildfly 26

I’m playing with Bloomreach 15.1 CE to deploy it on Widlfly 26.1.

I have however deployment problem with hst-client-15.1.0.jar which contains hst-core.tld tag lib.
In lines 257-258 there is text (description ?) which is not contained in any xml tag and Wildfly
will not deploy cms.war and site.war

I see what you mean, and that does seem to be a mistake. However, this has been in the tld for over 8 years as best as I can tell, so why wildfly is making a problem of it I don’t know. I will report this to our engineering.

To be honest Wildfly seems to be perfectly correct as xml validation can faill with this tld. I believe that Tomcat is much less strict with its approach. I will wait for new version and will try to see further if it can be deployed. What I love with Bloomreach that I believe that it can be deployed just as web application and other Java CMS use OSGI which makes it much more problems for standardization.

Officially we only support Tomcat of course, but I know it is sometimes run on other application servers. I did run the tld through an xml validator, which only had issue with the xsd not being accessible. I’m not sure the xml is invalid. The orphaned text falls in the tag. It should just be ignored.You might consider reporting this as a bug to wildfly. But it’s still a mistake in our tld, and easy enough to fix. I can’t make any promises on a fix, but I have reported this.