Expose Project details

Hello everyone.

I am going to expose Project details through the Rest API.

Does BrXM have APIs inside Delivery Tier (site module) which can help me with retrieving data of Projects (name, description, related content, site map items etc)? Or Should I gather this data in repository by my selves?

I noticed, there is a bunch of services and classes inside Authoring (cms module) related to Projects but not sure if I can include to site and use them.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Mykyta,

BrXM does not have a “project” api inside the delivery tier. In the authoring environment there is an api ( for the demo project it is located at https://cms.demo.onehippo.com/ws/projects/ ) , however that’s an internal api, which means that we don’t support any functionality in a client’s implementation that depends on it.

That has been done deliberately. “Projects” is an enterprise concept, “Branches” is the linked community concept. The delivery tier and the community part of authoring is only aware of “Branches”.

We could help you better, if you would reply with a description of the business requirement you try to implement.

Did you have a look at [1] ? That’s the way we support customizing the way the delivery tier decides which branch to render.

best regards,

Michiel Rop

[1] https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/enterprise/enterprise-features/workflow-process-management/custom-campaign-selection.html

Thanks Michiel,

We are going to implement Rest Endpoint that will provide information about all available projects (something like internal {host}/ws/projects). Then we will use projectId as parameter for Page Model Api to retrieve Project related page.

We’ve already done preliminary implementation, and I just wondered if we are not reinventing the wheel.