Log4j and "ERROR RollingFile contains an invalid element or attribute "LookupFilter""

We are using Redis client in Tomcat, so we had to add (among others) slf4j libraries to Tomcat’s root lib folder. This resulted in breaking our log4j configuration in BrXM cms & site applications - we use seperate distributions for authoring & delivery. I tried fixing this problem with using “Log4j 2 SLF4J binding” library
and reinitializing log4j configuration (reading log4j2.xml) in site application startup. Logging started to work again, but context based logging did not work.
I also get an error during Log4j reinitialization:

main ERROR RollingFile contains an invalid element or attribute “LookupFilter”

Any ideas why is element (from log4j2.xml) “LookupFilter” not recognized by the log4j?


Solved with reinitializing log4j context during site startup and adding attribute


in configuration element of log4j2.xml