SPA-sdk integration throws ECONNREFUSED errors

Hi bloomreach community,

We’ve been trying to get the next version of the SPA-sdk to work (from GitHub - bloomreach/spa-sdk). This is supposed to be a simple example of a headless bloomreach integration for us to build upon. However we keep getting the following error:

(Error: connect ECONNREFUSED (8080)
TCOCInnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete]

Going to the url manually we receive a JSON with a response however the next application can’t seem to get a response.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any idea what we’re doing wrong? Is there a way to get more detailed errors out of bloomreach?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

Quuick followup for people who might be dealing with a similar issue: we resolved ours. The problem was no page were being routed to. Setting up a quick simple page which was included in the outgoing JSON resolved our issue.

So despite getting a connection and receiving a JSON file (without any page data) next gave us an connection refused error.

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Thanks for updating with a solution.