Sudden issues opening specific documents in the CMS content perspective

We’ve run into an issue, lucky in a lower non-production environment, that was found when a CMS editor was trying to open a specific document in the content perspective. From the user’s perspective it appeared that the document just wasn’t loading. When navigating to the document directly by URL we could see a HTTP 500 error. Looking at the logs we noticed messages such as the ones below.

org.apache.jackrabbit.core.version.InconsistentVersioningState: Couldn't get version history for node 91aeca78-40f3-4675-8048-abc2bcf46de9

Processing: error.log…

When looking into through the console at some of the main folders that are holding the original documents in question we see errors like the ones below which appear to be broken references in the environment where we have the issue.

So far we are unsure of what could have caused this issue and what to do about it so any suggestions would be helpful.