view contribution or preview in the detail of a news received by a list of third parties


I have created a custom news detail component. This component receives a list of news and articles through an API. My question or problem is that when the user clicks on a news link in the Experience Manager preview, a new tab opens to the detail of that news but does not allow that detail to be contributed from the experience manager.
In summary, how can I configure the custom component so that when the user accesses a news item in the list, the detail of that news is opened directly to edit , that is, I need a urL that paints the detail for me, such as this "site / en / news / {idNew} "and from that url the user is in the edition view of the Experience Manager.

If you say “a new tab opens to the detail of that news”, is that a new browser tab? That scenario is not supported, the Experience Manager works in a single tab. So maybe your implementation sets the target attribute on news items links? And does it work as expected if that isn’t done?