Access Modification Date in Freemarker-Template

I would like to access the Modification Date of a document in Freemarker.
Is there a smart way ?


FYI, hippostdpubwf:document node type has hippostdpubwf:creationDate (Date) mandatory and hippostdpubwf:publicationDate (Date), too.

Thank you for the quick response:

I have one document-type without publication date:

here is like it looks in CND

[osde_40:Glossar] > hippostd:relaxed, hippotranslation:translated, osde_40:basedocument

As it is based on osde_40:basedocument - shouldn’t it have a publicationdate then ??

How can I fix that?

I assume osde_40:basedocument inherits from hippostdpubwf:document. So does osde_40:Glassar.
As the hippostdpubwf:publicationDate is not a mandatory field, perhaps the document has never been published? Or you’re accessing the preview variant node in preview mode?

You are right. In console I could see that the publication date is there and that it contains a date.
I have to check configuration of the cms gui- there I can not see it.