Actual Channel/ContentPath in a Provider extends Plugin implements IValueListProvider

I am currently writing a Provider which returns a ValueList to a DropDown in my documentType. I now want to change the ValueList depending in which Channel/ContentPath the user edits this specific document of documentType.
Is there any chance to get the information in the provider about the document which the user is currently editing …

I can get the UserSession but there is no info about the current location.

Any help appreciated.
Regards Robert


I don’t think it is possible, at least not with any intended method. You get a user session by
org.hippoecm.frontend.session.UserSession.get(), which is a wicket session underneath. This is not the same as a jcr session. Not sure what you’d call afterwards in order to figure out where you are editing though. I suspect there is a way to find it there, but I’d be worried about the maintainability of any such implementation. From the UserSession you can get a jcr session. Possibly you could try and get the nodes that you have locked, but this may give more results than you need.