Add/Update/Delete Channel

Hi folks,

I am trying to create two separate channels (one for mobile and one for web) that both link to the same content folder.

There are two questions currently without answers:

  1. is there a way to completely remove created channel (not only channel branch(es)). We were trying to use API “DELETE {{br-host}}/management/site/v1/channels/channel_id” but got the response “The intended operation is not allowed on the branch ‘master’”.
  2. is there a way to modify channel’s “contentRootPath” property? We were trying to update it using API “PUT {{br-host}}/management/site/v1/channels/channel_id-project_id/” providing new value for contentRootPath leaving all other fields with the same values. New value for contentRootPath which we were trying was pointing to other’s existing channel’s content root (actually, we want several channels to be pointed to single contentRootPath)

Thanks, Mykyta

  1. No, we don’t provide an API operation for deleting or creating entire channels yet. This is likely to be added in the future, but we don’t have a specific projection for when that will be released.

  2. We do not support using the same content root folder for multiple channels. This creates an ambiguous situation for pages, since pages must reference channel configuration that defines page layouts and components. However, you can use a shared content folder that is referenced by components from multiple channels. Please see the following tutorial for more details about how to set this up:

In some circumstances, it’s also possible to use exactly the same channel for both mobile and web use cases. As long as both types of frontend are able to handle the same set of valid component types and interpret the page layout in a reasonable way, there might not be a need for a separate mobile-specific channel. “A reasonable way” might include simply ignoring some component types that are not useful in a mobile context, for example. For layouts, you might flatten multiple columns into a single column, as is common with responsive web design.

Thank you for reply, that makes sense. But I am a little bit confused, why the option to have the same content root folder for multiple channels is still present for PaaS solution as PaaS supports XPages

This is a matter of backwards compatibility and differences in historical use cases.

The conflict is with the combination of the new style of pages and shared content folders. Since the new style of pages was only introduced in v14.3, there are many customers running brXM without using this feature. As long as you avoid using it, shared content roots can still work.

However, with the SaaS product, we heavily emphasize the use of the new style of pages and build them into all of our examples and reference materials. The editor GUI only supports the new style of pages, so removing them would significantly degrade the value of the product. Therefore, we’ve built more safeguards to ensure that this feature continues to work properly.

Thank you so much for explanation, it was really useful!