API that could perform CRUD operations on templates in Bloomreach

Hi all,

I am looking for API that could perform CRUD operations on templates in Bloomreach, however I have GET api with me.
GET : https://localhost:8080/cms/ws/rest/api/nodes/hippo:namespaces/my-project/UserTemplate?depth=100

I need help here for CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations, can you all suggest any api/documentations for CRUD, I have not found yet. I’m very thankful If you(@jasper.floor, @machak ) can help here or suggest something.

Manish Kumar

Hi Manish,
There is no out-of-the-box API to change document types (to which you refer as ‘templates’).

The safe procedure to change document types is use the document type editor locally, have the changes below /hippo:namespaces saved in yaml files and then propagate the changes by doing deployments.

See at https://xmdocumentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/document-types/document-type-

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi @jeroen.hoffman ,

Thanks for your suggestion but my requirement is to create/read/update/delete document types dynamically(on demand through api only).

If you can help me to find out the responsible classes!. Generally we create template through ui inetrface and definitely backend classes executes to create it. I am unable to find those classes. Request you to please help me. I will expose endpoints by referring those classes to fullfill my requirements.

Manish Kumar