Async content load on click

Hi *,

I’m working on a project (Hippo 10.2.10) and facing difficulties to achieve an ajax call to inject new contetn on the page.

To explain the context, i have a page with a component that display articles in a grid.
I can display as many articles as i want (get articles from a folder) in this component but i don’t want to display too much of them on page load (max 10).

What i need is a button on the bottom of the component that will call an async function that will send me 10 more articles and display them at the end of the component.

Also i need to be sure that the content is accesible for robots to be sure that the content is well referenced.

For the moment i don’t find a solution to solve this so if someone can help me it would be nice :slight_smile:

I think you can use HST ResourceURL and AJAX code to invoke it and retrieve markups or data and render it:



Thanks @woonsanko i will have a look at it.