Best practices for extending Content EXIM project

Hi all! I’m on BrXM 13.4 and the Starter Store 2.4, and I’d like to reuse some of the Content EXIM JAX-RS project, especially the ContentEximImportService, and I’d like some advice as to how best to structure my project to take advantage of the functionality in this class.

I’m looking to import plain POJO objects as a JSON array, and I’m writing a class that rewrites them as repository documents before passing them to ContentEximImportService. I’d like to include this class as a field within my class, but I’m finding it difficult to then expose the service correctly if I keep the dependency within the cms-dependencies project.

Can someone help me how I can add configuration to my project along the lines of what’s in content-exim-repository-jaxrs-3.0.1.jar? Or can someone advise me of a better way of doing what I’m trying to do.