Bloom Reach Experience Manager 14.5.0 hippo cms left most navigation


I am new to Bloom Reach. I have a requirement to remove Experience manager icon from the left most navigation bar from Hippo CMS. I could read from the documents that left most navigation bar icons will be visible based on the user roles but Experience Manager will be visible for all the roles. Is there a way to remove/hide Experience Manager icon shown in the attached docExperience_Manager

Interesting requirement… that perspective is used for previewing the doc changes in documents and channels before publication, also managing components, menus etc.

But if you need it, visibility is controlled by the hipposys:userrole at /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/hippo-channel-manager/channel-manager-perspective. By default is it but you can change that, maybe to .admin or so.

And simply removing mixin frontend:navigationitem will remove it for all users.

Regards, Jeroen

Thank you for suggestion. I will try that!