Bloomreach - CKEditor 4: Add style element “div” with “div” in it

I use “CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add(…)” in a custom .js for my CMS. I can add custom styles for headlines, p-tag, ul here…but how can I add a “div”, so that two children div will be in it?

I start to add a “div” in this way: CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add(“ifmstyle”, [
name: “Custom DIV”,
element: “div”,
attributes: {
class: “custom-div”,

…that means, that I have a div where I can place images, p-tags, a-tags for example. But I would like to make it like this (My custom div will have two children divs):

Custom DIV

  • children-div1
  • children-div2