Bloomreach Content Search Integration Plugin


I have a few questions about the Bloomreach Content Search Integration Plugin.

I have it set up so that it is sending feeds to my sftp server. However, I’ve noticed a few things.

  1. The documents that we are indexing are primary documents. However, I don’t see any way for us to get the link to the page that these documents are used on. We’re not sending anything that would allow us to do that, and thus far, we have not gotten anything back from the API that would allow us to link to the page. Am I missing something here? Any suggestions on how I can provide a link to a page in my search results?
  2. We also have images configured on the documents that we are indexing. However, it looks like we are only sending the filename of the image (along with a bunch of additional info about the image). How can I display an image on my search results page if I only have a filename to work with?

For reference, here is the design we’re going for:
Loading Share ExperienceResults-_Grid_View

And here is an example of the json we’re sending to the sftp server to be indexed by brSM (this is only one document):

         "title":"How to Transform Your Office into a Safe, Hygienic Environment",
         "description":"Here’s a tip right off the bat. Comfort is the key to safety. You’re coming back to a place where you need to feel safe when taking a deep breath behind the mask. Everything counts down to the fibers of a wiping cloth and this step by step returning guide can help take out the stress.",