BrSM Sorting in Starter Store


We figured that “sort” parameter is not taken care of in starter store installation.
We understand the usage of “sort” from the following documentation: Bloomreach Documentation

I can see that even appending ?sort=sale_price+asc or &sort=sale_price+asc to the categories url is not working. For example http://localhost:8080/site/fr/categories/bloomreach2-example-category?sort=sale_price+asc

I understand that because of the class PersonalizationCallCommand does not take care of sort option in the URL hence loses it in between.

Is it possible to suggest the best practice to introduce “sort” on Category PLPs and Search PLPs?

Note: we are currently on starterstore version 2.4.1


CC @giacomolm

Hi Ravinder,

The site application components such as PersonalizationCallCommand basically invokes the brSM REST API in the end, and the REST API endpoints are defined in the connector configuration document (e.g, /content/documents/administration/commerce-connectors/bloomreach).
One of the components is used under the hood. So if you try to append any other parameters in the service base url fields, you can possibly change the endpoint URLs globally.

If you want it to be affected by request parameters for more flexibility instead of global setting change, then please file an improvement JIRA ticket in your customer project and/or contact your account manager or sales for the support.