brXM 15.1.0 minor release + 14.7.8 and 13.4.18 maintenance releases

Fellow developers,

Bloomreach is pleased to announce new releases for all currently maintained versions of Bloomreach Experience Manager: 15.1.0, 14.7.8, and 13.4.18.

The 15.1 minor release extends the enterprise replication module to support a new use case for multi-region hosting for improved site performance. There are also a number of fixes related to the LDAP security integration for content authors and more.

15.1.0 and the maintenance releases include a significant number of dependency updates to stay up to date with security updates and bug fixes. Unfortunately, some of the security fixes required updates that include backwards incompatible changes. We recommend using extra caution around your project-specific customizations when upgrading.

For full details of changes, please see the release notes.

Both the enterprise and community release artifacts are now available in the Bloomreach Maven repository. Community source code for these versions have also been published to GitHub today. Thanks for your contributions to our community!

Peter Centgraf
Manager, Bloomreach Content Pulsar Team