Change apiresource service to add page metainformation


We have a requirement where we need in the front to print some meta-tags.

We want to avoid using components to provide this information because how the front parses the service.

It is possible to add a new field inside the ‘page’ field at the same level than the ‘components’ field? how?

Thanks you in advance!

what meta data do you want to display? You will need some kind of component to add your data…

You could use similar approach SEO plugin uses.

(site/src/main/java/org/onehippo/forge/seo/support · hippo-plugin-seo-support-root-14.2.1 · cms-community / hippo-plugin-seo-support · GitLab )

I’m going to take a look.

I would like to avoid a component to keep it in line with our custom services.


are we talking semantic here…what kind of “services” are you talking about?