CMS-14960 No icon showing in list

I’ve upgraded to 14.7.6 and I can see that publish icon in dropdown for document is not active anymore but now the icon is not showing in the list.
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-15 om 17.14.05

What to do? I’ll check 14.7.5 also.

Hi Kitty,
This is a known issue, see
We’re looking into it, I expect a 14.7.7 release fairly soon.

Regards, Jeroen

Thanks, I’ll wait on 14.7.7 version.

Have a happy easter weekend!

Kind regards,

Hi @jeroen.hoffman ,

is this issue supposed to be solved in 14.7.7? I have just upgraded to of our sites to the latest 14 version and this issue still seems to be there. Is there anything I need to do in the configuration to solve this?



Hi @jeroen.hoffman,

Never mind at the time of upgrading the first site v 14.7.7 was not yet available, so for that one we upgraded to the latest version available at the time and the issue still persisted. The second site was upgrade to 14.7.7 and all is fine!

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