Component "Generic List" is not defined


I deployed the docker backend, trying to use Generic List installed from the Essentials.
I executed “mvn verify” inside the docker container and restarted the docker container.
I got the Generic List in the list of the components (when editing a page) but when I insert it I see the message ‘Component “Generic List” is not defined.’, what I did wrong? what I missed?

Can’t find anything in google or on this forum, probably because this is some simple misunderstanding on my side, but please could somebody give me an advice?

Thank you!

Hi Sergey,
Not sure why you have this. Is it a log message?
Is this reproduceable outside of Docker too, i.e. using the profile? Also I always use “mvn install”, not “verify”.

Are you using a headless frontend? It sounds like a frontend UI error which would mean that you haven’t written that part of the frontend yet.

Not sure why you have this. Is it a log message?

it’s here Bloomreach Experience 14 Bloomreach Developer Trial 2022-01-19 17-57-50.png - Google Drive on the page editor

Is this reproduceable outside of Docker too, i.e. using the profile?

I have only the docker

Also I always use “mvn install”, not “verify”.

I’ll try, thank you!

yes, it makes sense, but what actions should I do make a component from the essentials library work? what should I do in the default react SPA?

yes, you are right, it was because of frontend.

I copied existing Blog List component in the frontend as Generic List component and updated it a bit, it’s working now, thanks!

But is there a way to get some predefined frontend react component code after installed it on backend from Essentials library?

The problem is that there is no connection between the frontend and backend in a headless implementation. For the cms it is an external system. The projects should even ne separate as that is part of what makes a headless implementation usefull. So there are no default implementations as they aren’t properly part of the project. Then there is the question of which framework to support? There are many popular frameworks, but we cannot possibly support them all. We do have some framewrok specific sdk’s, but those are also not part of the cms. It is possible to include an implementation, but it would be an orphan file in the project. It doesn’t belong there. So for essentials it is a design choice not to include any implementation for the frontend.

got it, thank you very much!