Component Parameters are null

I developed a component to render a slick-carousel and therefore I declared some parameters (s. screenshot) in a ParametersInfo class (interface). I wrote a freemarker-template an everything worked.


After that I added some more parameters (here e.g. carouselControls) in cms they are rendered correctly with the default values- as you can see in the screenshot.

But in the requestparameters for the Freemarker-template, they result in a null value. I debugged my component-class and could confirm, that the getters of the info-class are null.

This i how my component looks like:

package org.lienas.components;

import org.hippoecm.hst.core.component.HstRequest;
import org.hippoecm.hst.core.component.HstResponse;
import org.hippoecm.hst.core.parameters.ParametersInfo;
import org.onehippo.cms7.essentials.components.EssentialsListComponent;
import org.onehippo.cms7.essentials.components.utils.ComponentsUtils;

@ParametersInfo(type = OsdeNewsCarouselComponentInfo.class)
public class OsdeNewsCarouselComponent extends EssentialsListComponent {
    public void doBeforeRender(HstRequest request, HstResponse response) {
        super.doBeforeRender(request, response);
        final OsdeNewsCarouselComponentInfo parametersInfo = this.getComponentParametersInfo(request);
        request.setAttribute("cparam", parametersInfo);

An this is a snippet of the interface

public interface OsdeNewsCarouselComponentInfo extends EssentialsListComponentInfo {

            name = "slidesToShow",
            required = true,
            defaultValue = "4")
    Integer getSlidesToShow();

            name = "autoplay",
            required = true,
            defaultValue = "true")
    Boolean isAutoPlay(); // works fine :-)
            name = "carouselControls",
            required = true,
            defaultValue = "true"
    Boolean showCarouselControls(); // added and gets null !!!

            name = "carouselDots",
            required = true,
            defaultValue = "true"
    Boolean showCarouselDots(); //  added and gets null !!!ll

   // some more params


What is going wrong here ?

PS: I certainly rebuild the application.

probably related to invoke method… is != get != show

OK- but shouldn’t that become documented ?
I could not find it online and even not in the training documentation!