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Hey guys, While I want to build the new spa-sdk-react example I recieve an error. Failed to load plugin ‘prettier’ declared in ‘package.json » @bloomreach/eslint-config-react » @bloomreach/eslint-config-base’: Cannot find module ‘eslint-plugin-prettier’
Require stack:

  • C:\Users\nataliia.karpenko\Documents\projects\sdk-bloomreach\spa-sdk\node_modules\react-scripts\config_placeholder_.js
    How can I start new react-sdk project? What I am missing?

Hi @Iryna_Alchynska,

The SDK repository is a monorepo, so you can’t run the example projects by themselves.
I would recommend the below steps Installation:

  1. Clone the entire repository (GitHub - bloomreach/spa-sdk)
  2. In the root folder, run npm ci and then npm run build. This will install all of the dependencies for each of the example projects.
  3. In the example react project folder, you can run npm run dev to start the project.
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to build a single example check:

@Iryna_Alchynska what my colleagues above have provided is true if you intend to build also the SDK packages for development.

For what you are interested as per my email you can add in your .env file

Replying also here for future reference.
Kind regards

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When In the root folder I run npm ci and then npm run build I receive the error, so cannot run “npm run dev” , just tried it again and the same error.

This fixed my issue, thanks