Derived data of sub node

Hi Bloomreach Community,

I wanted to add a derived data property to a compound that is inside a document (to be specific, it’s actually a list of compounds).
Since it’s not possible to configure the derivatives directly on the compound because saving and editing the document doesn’t trigger the compound derivative, we tried configuring it on the parent document instead.
Then we’ve realised that we can’t access the compound from the parent document because it’s not a property, but a sub node of the document and jcr:primaryType: hipposys:relativepropertyreference can’t access the compound node.

The question then is, is there a way to add a derived data property on a compound? Whether directly on the compound itself or via the parent document.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hello @Andrea_Hu ,
a compound in JCR is just a child node with its own node type.
I don’t see why you couldn’t target it with the hipposys:nodetype or access it via

        jcr:primaryType: hipposys:propertyreferences
          jcr:primaryType: hipposys:resolvepropertyreference
          hipposys:relPath: child:node/child:prop 

Have you attempted what this page describes in the section “Deriving Data From Another Node”
The example shows a hipposys:relPath going up to the parent node (…/hippo:name). Theoretically this should work with “child:node/child:prop”

Could you also share the configured content type structure and what exactly are you trying to achieve?

Kind regards