Different output Page Model API EssentialsMenuComponent 14.1 & 14.2


I have been working on a SPA project lately where I upgraded from 14.1 to 14.2. However I noticed that the structure of the JSON for ‘menu’ suddenly missed the ‘selected’ property (see images below, both images are from fresh projects). My frontend application relies on this property.

I couldn’t find anything in the release notes about this. Is there a way to reconfigure this like the output in 14.1?

sitemenu output 14.1

sitemenu output 14.2

Yes observation seems to be right: I see that the following annotaiton was added to the HstSIteMenu interface:

     * @return the currently selected <code>HstSiteMenuItem</code> or <code>null</code> if none is selected
    HstSiteMenuItem getSelectSiteMenuItem();

So I suppose you could extend the essentialsmenu component to create a custom HstSiteMenu which does NOT mark that getter with @PageModelIgnore