Document bean returns node name instead of document node name

Hi Team,

We have created a document with the name “Test Document” in V13 and it contains 3 fields of type string (name, description, link).
and when we are trying to get the document fields(name, description and link) as a JSON response in FTL. Instead of document field value(“name”), it is returning document node name. But for other fields description and link, it returns expected response.

FTL Code:
<#list person.managers as documentBean>
<#assign doc=documentBean/>
“name” :"${}"

response: name: “test-document”
expected response: name: “Test Document”

I am able to get the expected by using below syntax.

Could you please provide any inputs?


It looks you are getting the result of Node.getName(), which is the name of the node. Which aligns with what you are seeing. I imaging calls to description and link wouldn’t work at all. The implication being that person.managers doesn’t contain document beans but jcr Node object.