Documents Delivery API not returning any results

According to the documentation, running the following:

should return back all of our documents with the ability to eventually filter down (by folder and type). I’m looking at:

I also forked the calls from Postman to run these and run into the same. Is there something not documented as to why we can’t pull back documents?

Hi @bbalmer

The Delivery API 2.0 endpoints are public by default. Optionally, you can configure each endpoint to be accessible only for authorized access using a JSON Web Token (JWT). Optionally, secured access to unpublished content and projects facilitates preview scenarios.

This page explains how to configure authorized access for an endpoint and how to access a secured endpoint - Authorization

Please verify API configurations once and let me know if you need any further assistance.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajesh S

Well, this is why I initially asked. The endpoint is not currently setup for authorized access, from what I can see. A call to {{brxHost}}/management/deliveryapisettings/v1/deliveryApiV2 returns back:

    "enabled": false,
    "format": "inlined",
    "skipTranslations": false

Because enabled is false I would assume that authorization is NOT enabled. Because of this a simple call to retrieve a document should work:


But the above returns a 404 status. I’ve tried with various other paramters (contentType, path, q) all of which return 404 errors.

Any ideas?