Eforms conditional view


I think I’ve missed something in the documentation.
I have a pretty easy use case:
On an Eform the User should enter his delivery address and may choose via radio button to enter a different billing address if necessary.
The Fields for the billing address should be hidden if one radio button is checked and shown if the other button is checked.

Well this sounds like a perfect example to use the condiotional behavior of fields provided by the eforms, BUT as of now it seams that theres now logic active out of the box and I can’t access the parameters connected to that feature. field.conditional doesn’t return anything.

Method AbstractField#isConditional does exist and returns true if the condition field name is also filled in.

Our demo project is using a combination of jquery/css to show/hide conditional fields. The conditions are retrieved in ftl from the model using
var conditions = ${form.conditionsAsJsonString};
You can download the code base from https://maven.onehippo.com/maven2-enterprise/com/onehippo/cms7/hippo-addon-eforms-demo/14.2.2/