Error in running assessment project

Following the given step in the problem definition:

“Extract the file within the project folder, add the Maven assessment module to the project, and add its artifact as a dependency to the cms module.”

I followed by extracting the in “myproject” folder. In Eclipse, I imported a new maven project and added “assessment”. But I am getting the below error in assessment’s pom.xml

Project build error: ‘parent.relativePath’ of POM org.example:myhippoproject-assessment:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT (/Users/sneha/work/b4/myproject/assessment/pom.xml) points at org.example:myproject instead of org.example:myhippoproject, please verify your project structure

Project build error: Non-resolvable parent POM for org.example:myhippoproject-assessment:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact org.example:myhippoproject:pom:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT and ‘parent.relativePath’ points at wrong local POM

I added the dependency for assessment in cms module in pom.xml as follows:

${project.groupId} myhippoproject-assessment ${project.version} pom

But here I am getting the error:

Missing artifact org.example:myhippoproject-assessment:pom:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Could anyone please help in getting me the assessment module running?

What assessment module would that be?
Maven says it has a problem with its parent, “Non-resolvable parent”.

A typical archetype-based project has either org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-cms7-release or com.onehippo.cms7:hippo-cms7-enterprise-release as parent.

If it’s a submodule, just point it to the Maven coordinates of your root.


Thank you. I got the build fixed.
However, on navigating to http://localhost:8080/cms/ws/hello it says “No service found”.
And got the below error:
[ INFO ] [talledLocalContainer] 11.10.2021 21:58:43 WARN http-nio-8080-exec-4 [ServletController.invoke:182] Can’t find the request for http://localhost:8080/cms/ws/hello’s Observer

Still the initial setup is not running in my local. Please help!

Sorry, can’t help any further, I have no knowledge of your assessment module nor of the “Hello” it seems to implement.
Cheers, Jeroen