Handle workflow events on an image


I’d like to catch and handle workflow events on an image. The goal is to recreate different resolutions of the same aspect ration when the main image of that aspect ration is cropped. I already got the event “cms:image:crop”, which might work. But I was also checking for an event when the image is saved (or “save & close”). But there seems to be no event raised. Is that true or did I just miss it? I guess the crop event might do, but I’d be happy to have some more events to choose from to see what works best.



AFAIK there is no save event for images.


In my project, I am listening for event
public static final String CREATE_GALLERY_ITEM = “gallery:image-gallery:createGalleryItem”;

on method
public void onHippoEvent(HippoEvent hippoEvent) {}

and it worked :slight_smile:

But “createGalleryItem” is only fired when you upload an image, right? I need to get an event after the editor changes an image variant manually, as the inital upload just mechanically choose a section to crop which might totally not fit the image content.

Correct. This won’t help for a save action.