Hippo unit tester in BloomReach 13.3.0

Hello Guys,
I am just using hippo unit tester in order to mock repository.
so I encouter an error which is reported that a class which is called DecoratorFactoryImpl,
does not exist in package: org.hippoecm.repository.impl.
Plus, I am using BloomReach 13.3.0.
the question is:
Cann’t I use hippo unit tester anymore?
If i can use it, how will I use it?

Error description:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hippoecm/repository/impl/DecoratorFactoryImpl
at nl.openweb.jcr.InMemoryJcrRepository.(InMemoryJcrRepository.java:46)
at nl.openweb.hippo.BaseHippoTest.getImporter(BaseHippoTest.java:54)

hippo unit tester link:

I see the implementation is based on version 11. You could contact the developers and ask them if they can upgrade the project to run with brxm 13

thanks Saimir
BloomeReach gave me another fork of hippo-unit-tester.
so I am working on it now, if it meets my need, I will share here.

this is the link: