Hippocms 11 CmsSecurityValve.invoke(CmsSecurityValve.java:174) - locked

Hello guys, I’m experiencing this issue daily at 1PM.


There is nothing scheduled (at least I can’t see anything in the console) to run at that time.
Do you know what could be the reason for that?

Thanks in advance,

No clues? Anyone? Bueller?

At the moment, a page was requested, probably through channel manager invoking an internal rest api.
The internal rest api used to refresh the underlying JCR session unnecessarily for data reading. That session refreshing might have caused cluster synchronizations and so it took more time to wait for the sync’ing and finally complete the cms user’s visit handling with synchronizing the http session for the authenticated cms user.
I believe this has been relieved since v12. ref) https://issues.onehippo.com/browse/HSTTWO-4031
If you see the problem more often and causing an issue, please upgrade it to v12.


Thanks for the information Woonsan. I don’t think upgrading to v12 is an option right now though.

This wouldn’t explain why it happens at a given time everyday, could there be anything else triggering the cluster synchronization at that time?

My explanation was based on the stack trace. It is possible that your stack trace is not directly related to the cause though. Or, otherwise, you might want to investigate the access log what makes the request at the time periodically.

Woonsan, these are the only things I found suspicious around that time, could you please take a look?


Thank you