How to assign Query Filter for EssentialsListComponent

Hi Team,

We are trying to render the Article List Component on the page using EssentialsListComponent. It loads fine along with pagination.

But whenever we are trying to append query param to the component. It shows empty results instead of showing list of articles.

Could you please share an example free text query string?

Sample Queries which we have tried so far:

  1. (jcr:contains(., “#{search}”)) and (cti:types = “#{type}”) and (hippotaxonomy:keys = “#{tag}”)
  2. //element(*,hippo:document)/jcr:contains("")


I don’t see any low level jcr query statements in the EssentialsListComponent [1]. The component uses the high level HstQueryBuilder and something like queryFilter.addContains(".", queryParam); instead.
And, the query request parameter for the component is meant to be a text term with which you can execute a full text search query.
For example, if you append ?query=foo in the page having the component, the component is supposed to add a full text search query filtering using the value, “foo”.

[1] brxm/ at brxm-14.5.0-1 · bloomreach/brxm · GitHub