How to find document is copied or not in CMS?

Hi Team,

We have require to find weather document is copied or not.

We have, tried to debug couldn’t find.

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So given the original document you want to find out the documents which were created by "Copy"ing this document? I don’t think there’s anything out of the box that allows you to find that out. You need to do some work. On copy event for example you can add some property ( like the uuid of the original document) to the copied document. This will allow you to easily query by uuid to find out copied documents.
How to do custom action on copy event? you have two options:

  1. (asynchronous)
  2. (Synchronous, more complex to learn, creates maintenance burden w.r.t upgrades)

Hello Bcanvural,

thanks i will try.

For historical data, there is an event if the document is copied using the workflow. You can query “hippo:log” for nodes with the property “hippolog:action=copyTo”. However, you likely clean your event log on a regular basis, so this will give data for the period since your last cleanup.

Hello Jasper,

thanks for your time, i will try.