How to rediect IP traffic to my localhost

I first installed HIPPO CMS (awesome) everything works fine in localhost.

I then go into HIPPO-essential -> Tool -> Rest Service Setup -> generate a generic REST

Then I wish to open my firewall and route an external IP to my machine.
Assuming IP is

When I do http://localhost:8080/cms it works fine
When I do it works fine

When I do http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents/ it works fine
When I do it did not work.

I get this message

Welcome to Hippo
It appears that you just created an empty Hippo project from the archetype. There is nothing to show on the site yet. We recommend you use Hippo’s setup application to start developing your project.

So I went to the HIPPO Console

I see the following the /hst:hst/hst:hosts/dev-localhost/localhost/hst:root/api

Normally what I do is I make it work is:
I made a copy of the dev-localhost node and call it dev-
In properties node change the hst:cmslocation and also
I rename the node name from localhost to
Now it will work when I access

But I don’t think this is the correct way.
I am making a copy of localhost and all changes to localhost needs to be copied again to the new node.

Is there anything I can do to redirect the traffic from into localhost?

you need to configure HST host for above IP address ,

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