Hst container integration with annotations

In our framework that we use in hippo we are using the following bean configuration:

public ContentBeansTool contentBeansTool(ObjectConverter objectConverter) {
DefaultContentBeansTool contentBeansTool = new DefaultContentBeansTool(new HstQueryManagerFactoryImpl());
return contentBeansTool;

In hippo 13 this does not work any more since the HstQueryManagerFactoryImpl has been moved out of the site webapp. What is the best way to configure the ContentBeansTools now beside getting it from the ComponentManager?

I think you can extend the DefaultContentBeansTool which should create a new HstQueryManagerFactory. As HstQueryManagerFactoryImpl is nothing but creating a HstQueryManagerImpl with custom date resolution, you can fork it in your application level.



HstQueryManagerFactoryImpl hasn’t been moved out of the site webapp. Most likely you had a compile dependency (perhaps transitively via some other dependency) on the hst-core (which by default you don’t have and is disadvised since we do not guarantee backwards compatible changes), before which you don’t have any more in version 13. Adding the hst-core as compile dependency again most likely solves your issue, but mind you that you are trespassing the api/supported modules by doing so.

Regards Ard

Correct i have added the dependency to the hst-core to make this work. I will go with the approach woonsanko gave so it can removed the dependency.

Thanks for the advice