Image URLs are FQDNs instead of Relative after CMS Update


I just went through the process of updating our Bloomreach CMS from 13.1 to 13.4.2. We are using an Angular SPA site with the page model to build the site. Before updating the page model would return image URLs as a relative path such as
_links: {site: {href: “/site/binaries/content/gallery/staplesconnect/homepage/heart.svg”, type:

but now with 13.4.2 it is returning a fully qualified DNS name.
_links: {site: {,…}}
site: {,…}
href: “
type: “resource”

I went through all the release notes again and I didn’t see any mentions of the URL changes. This is causing problems for our images since our frontend runs on a different dns name than what is being returned. Is there an easy way to change it to return the relative paths again?


Hello Tim,

this change and new functionality is mentioned here see section “Hippo Site Toolkit - Version 13.4.2”. And unfortunately, you can not fall back to relative in the newer versions.

What you could try as a workaround is configure the domain where your images are served as a cdn host. How to configure this is described here.

HTH and kind regards,

Hi @Lef_Karamoulas,

Thanks for the reply. It seems that the cdn could work but I am unable to fully test since the Angular SDK is not updated to support the image URLs coming back as FQDNs. You can see in the picture below that the image service is adding the base url to the link so when its all done and rendered via Angular the url looks like “—contracts/resourceshare-contracts.jpg”

I will be opening an Issue with Bloomreach to see if we can get the SDK updated.


Hello Tim,

looking at the screenshot if I understand correctly you are using an old version of the SDK which I think is not supported/maintained any more. Is this the one that you are using ?

The new Angular SDK that was released as part of v14.2.0 is this one but of course, your brXM version is v13.4.2

@dokmic any advice on that?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi @Lef_Karamoulas

I ended up opening a ticket with Bloomreach and they said that the the 14.2.2 SDK is not compatible with 13.4.2. They have opened jira CMS-13474 to make SDK 0.3.1 compatible with 13.4.2.

Thanks for all the help!