Is it possible to get channel manager pages with REST api?

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Is it possible to get channel manager pages with REST api ?

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As far as I know, there is not OOTB (out of the box) way to do that. There is internal resource which channel manager uses for retrieving site map items but it is only for internal usage.

Until Bloomreach Experience 13.0.0 you could use org.hippoecm.hst.pagecomposer.jaxrs.model.SiteMapPagesRepresentation class for representing site map items. But after 13.0.0 this classes were extracted to separate dependency that is not available in site module.

Now you can take a look how SiteMapPagesRepresentation works and write your own Rest Resource for extracting info that you need.

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thanks for your reply, i will try.


HI Mykyta,

thanks for your replay, what is going to happen, after 13.0.0. You said org.hippoecm.hst.pagecomposer.jaxrs.model.SiteMapPagesRepresentation is going to separate dependency. if we want the same functionality what we have to do ?

currently we are using 12.0.1, soon we are going to move to latest version.

Kindly let me know in future what we have to do, incase if “SiteMapPagesRepresentation” this going to move. So that we can place now accordingly.

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The simple solution, you can just replicate SiteMapPagesRepresentation and SiteMapPageRepresentation classes into your codebase.
Also, you can take a look to the mount.getHstSite().getSiteMap().getSiteMapItems() which returns all site map items for certain mount (channel)


HI Myayta,

Thank you for your time and quick reply.