Is there any reason not to use Java 11 with Bloomreach 14?

Can anyone on the Bloomreach development team please speak to why Java 11 LTS is not compatible with Bloomreach 14.x?

I have read differing perspectives on whether or not Java 11 is compatible and would like the authoritative response.

Context: My development is performing an upgrade from 13.x and in order to leverage some common capabilities of our enterprise platform team it is required that our deployment run on Java 11 (without some serious custom work).

We have successfully compiled and run Bloomreach 14.x with Java 11 and can access the /cms module without a problem. Unfortunately we are unable to access the /site module, but we do not think this is related to a Java 8|11 discrepancy because we have already pulled in the dependencies that Java no longer provides in 11 (java.xml.bind, etc.)