Jcr query is not returning any results while searching with particular words like

Hi all,

I’m Facing an issue with QueryResource.
when we are searching on content based with “these, those, are etc.” type of keywords then jcrQuery is not returning any results.

Suppose I want to search the items based on their description.
My Description is: This is my Videocontent1 document.

If I search with the word “videoContent” or “document” it will give me the list of items which is containing the said words in description.
But if I search with “This” or with full text “This is my Videocontent1 document.” then it is not returning any results.

My query statement is like this:

(@myproject:IsSoftDelete=‘false’ or (not(@myproject:IsSoftDelete)))

  order by @hippostdpubwf:lastModificationDate descending

Can anyone please explain me why this is happening with the particular words like This, These, are etc.
Your Help very much appreciated.


Certain words are excluded from indexing


So a search for one of those words will never return results. This is done because these words are too common, and in general not useful for search results.

I’m not sure why the exact phrase isn’t returning results.

Thanks @jasper.floor for the quick response. This is really helpful.