lastModified info in a hippogallery:imageset

Hi all.

I’m trying to implement a background process for the items over content/gallery depending on the lastModified property. I’ve just figured out that this property is not there by default, so it doesn’t matter if the hippogallery:imageset was modified or not because I can’t see any info on the console about WHEN it was.

I found the mix:lastModified property that looks like the thing I’m looking at. After adding it to my hippogallery:imageset I can see two new properties (jcr:lastModified and jcr:lastModifiedBy) but if I try to change the image values from the CMS those properties are not updated…

Can you put my in the right direction…

Best regards.

AFAIK, the jcr:lastModified is already present on the images, not on the imageset itself but on the size variants below that. For documents, there’s hippostdpubwf:lastModificationDate as part of teh hippostdpubwf:document mixin.


Thanks for the reply! The thing is, that changing image attributes from the CMS such as name, or description doesn’t trigger the jcr:lastModified modification in the variants (neather in any other place). That’s indedd my current problem.