Link picker restrictions on root folders


We have multiple root folders in project. these root folders will share share same component and document types.

He have permissions on these folders. each group has access to their specific root folders.

But some users exist in multiple groups so they have access to multiple root folders.

But we want is we want to limit link picker to given root it means we want to restrict users to not link content from other root folders.

is it possible to do?

This would require custom code. You would need to extend/override the existing link picker to work with your custom logic. This would be something you are willing to maintain. An additional risk is that if we ever change that part we will do it without knowledge or regard to your customization. The link picker has been fairly stable over the years, but be aware that it isn’t guaranteed to remain that way.

It may be simpler to write a validator. This would still allow selection of documents outside the root, but then you could prevent it being saved.