Log4J version update

What’s the best way to update to 2.15.+ of log4J within brXM? By default seems to pull 2.13.3. Tried specifying version at root level pom with no luck and been while since gone through steps to exclude when other packages pull in etc.

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The log4j version is defined by a Maven property in the parent pom structure. You can easily override it by adding it to the properties section in your root pom:

    <!--***START temporary override of versions*** -->
    <!-- ***END temporary override of versions*** -->

Regards, Jeroen

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Strangely, this didn’t seem to work when we tried in two separate projects.

Ah, I think I perhaps see why. It looks like the variable is log4j2.version and NOT log4j.version.

Excellent, was having same non result but that works. Had resorted to modifying dependencies within the profile dependencies for the end distribution tarball but this simpler, better solve.

Yes of course, my bad, it is indeed <log4j2.version>!