Make compound type id static


Is there any way to may compound type id’s static? Every time we republish a document that contains a compound type, the id of the compound type changes.

Is there any way to change this behaviour so the id never changes? Is there a reason for the change of the compound type id?


I guess not.
I suppose that whenever editor add or remove a compound the document editor will create or remove a new child node under the draft variant document node and whenever publishing the live variant document node will re-create the compound nodes based on the changes, which is probably how it behaves.

If you want to make a reference to the specific compound node for some reason, I think you should use a different way. e.g, combination of the document handle node id + alternate key of the compound node such as index or something else.


That was my feeling. It looked to be something out of the box-ish.

I’ve been looking in the javadocs to see if there was any lead or anything related and couldn’t find anything.

We finally opted to create an invisible field that gets populated only once during document creation (in the persisting event) and that seems that is going to work for us.

Thanks, Woonsan.