Make String field store italics

Hi All,

String field in a document is used to store plain text. I want this string field to store text in italics as well. Please guide how i can do that?


String field basically is text data, it is not related to any kind of style ( italics or bold ). You may want to use Richtext field instead.

Yes, I understand that. But still if I want you have it store italics as well then is it possible to do it?

No, a string field is only text. On your template you can make it italic. If this needs to be conditional you could add a boolean field to indicate that, but then you may be mixing presentation logic with content (admittedly, rich text inherently does this). If you name the boolean “italic” I would not recommend it, but if you name it “important” then you can change the presentation logic without changing the meaning of the field.