Multi-site content authorization in Headless CMS

We are looking at BloomReach as Headless CMS for our retail websites.
We have the following ideas

  1. The content varies across region and stores. We will create a compound document type, ‘X’ having a field to select a region.
    Another compound document type that includes ‘X’ within and have an another field to select the stores.
    Given this, based on the region selected by the editor, we need to control the list of stores that the editor can view and select. (They should be able to see stores from different regions)
    Is there any recommended way of doing it in the BloomReach?

  2. There are three types of users 1) author 2) editor 3) admin.
    We need to restrain the contents based on the region and stores. Only the user having access to a specific region/stores should be able to add contents to it.
    Our approach to solve this is by creating different content folders for each region and corresponding domains for it. We will restrict the access by creating users, user groups (adding the users here), domain and permissions so that the editors have access only to their region and stores contents.
    In this approach, we will end up creating three types of users for each and every region and stores.
    Is there a better way of handling this?

External document picker [1] – field picker [2] I mean – will work. Your ExternalSearchServiceFacade implementation can access the current editing document variant node to read the other (child)node values and provide any data and set a metadata from entries.


I have no other better way.



Thank you so much for the reply, woonsanko.