Page building in Hippo CMS

How do you approach “custom page building” in Hippo CMS? If you want to give content editors the fexibility to randomly compose a page of titles, rich text blocks, images etc, are you then always obliged to let them create a “document”? But content may differ from page to page.

I was thinking on creating a general prototype content-page that maps to a “content-page-document” which stuff like a title, description, images etc…

Or I could create components like a “title component” that can be dropped on a page, but where to store then the actual value of a title?

I’m a little bit confused on how to solve this requirement in Hippo CMS.

How do you guys handle this is your projects?


Thumb of rule is to use drag/drop page setup only for landing pages and such…see for example our demo project:

Only flexibility there is homepage and maybe few page parts like a sidebar where you can put banners etc. Everything else is “content” driven (news, blog, product pages)