Pass values from one component to another

I would like to understand how i can pass a value on form submit from one page to another.

I have a form submit from one component

Component class doAction() method

    public void doAction(HstRequest request, HstResponse response) throws HstComponentException {

        FormMap map = new FormMap(request, new String[]{"test"});
        HstRequestContext context = request.getRequestContext();

        final HstLinkCreator hstLinkCreator = context.getHstLinkCreator();
        final HstLink hstLink = hstLinkCreator.create("/accelerator", context.getResolvedMount().getMount());

        **FormUtils.persistFormMap(request, response, map, null);**
        try {
            response.sendRedirect(hstLink.toUrlForm(context, false));
        } catch (IOException e) {
            log.warn("Error redirecting to 404 page: ");

When i persist the formMap i am able to retrieve this value on the same components doBeforeRender() method. But since i have to redirect the request to another sitemap (page) how can i retrieve the value in another page ?