Query on a specific value of the document type field using REST API


We are working on a POC using Bloomreach Developer Edition.

I have created a document type with a link field to refer another document type. When i am using the OOTB REST API to get the document field details on the link field, I am unable to expand and get the details. See below:

“gogreen:site”: [
“type”: “hippo:mirror”,
“link”: {
“type”: “local”,
“id”: “73e73ccc-c98b-4000-aa21-64df135793db”,
“url”: “http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents/73e73ccc-c98b-4000-aa21-64df135793db

I want to expand and get the details of this link using the OOTB API in the same response, instead of making another call - http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents/73e73ccc-c98b-4000-aa21-64df135793db

If we cannot expand, can we query the repository using some attributes, for instance - http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents/73e73ccc-c98b-4000-aa21-64df135793db?siteName=xyz

Vishal Kumar Nalla