Relevance Module not working as expected

We are experiencing complications in getting segmented content to users through the Relevance Module.

The Bloomreach module is sent the content request with the set of characteristics defined in the CSM and it is interpreting it correctly, but for those users who, due to their characteristics, should receive specific content, they receive the same content by default as the rest of the users.

This leads us to think that through the _visitor cookie sent by the user, the CMS has stored in cache the information about the segment in which the user was categorised the first time it was introduced (the duration of the _visitor cookie is more than 3 months) and therefore returns the content associated with that segment, which in most cases corresponds to the default content.

Is it possible to reduce the duration of this cache memory for the user session?

Thanks in advance

Hello, have you tried debugging the collector(s) and scorer(s) that are processing the characteristics? It might be that the users are being matched to the wrong segments.

Cookie settings are documented here Configure the Relevance Module's Tracking Cookie Policy - Bloomreach Experience Manager (PaaS/Self-Hosted) - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS